York, North Yorkshire


I started my yoga journey in 1998.

I was 18, depressed and... I didn't want to live.

I wanted to die in my sleep and leave the body painlessly. I was practicing it every night.

That was time I started to be aware of subtle energies and had some "paranormal" experiences.

That was time I accidentally took a yoga book out of shelf in a public library.

And that was time I... started to live.

That particular yoga book fit right in where I was. Yoga didn't take away my sensitivity but it gave me grounding.

The book was full of writings and sketches and the main thing really was balancing the subtle energies, spiritual and health benefit of the poses. What was originally a corespondence course (the yoga students completed week by week before they got to study with Dr. svami Gitananda Giri in India in the 60's) became my own personal life. No social networks to post about it. Not doing yoga for achieving crazy backbends, splits or handstands. It was just simple healing practice. It was trully just for me.


Day by day going through the poses, feeling the progress, answering my own questions, I got more and more passionate about yoga. I could see and feel the changes happening in my body and my mind!


It wasn't until I trained with Zenways in 2011 when I enhanced my perception of yoga with zen principles for living which have been slowly woving through my life since.

I encourage everyone to explore and implement mindfulness and meditation into their life!

And I urge you to do especially so if you are not feeling your best!!

There were times in the last 22 years when I abandoned yoga for weeks and times when I lived yoga 24 hours a day. Therefore I know what it feels like being stiff, feeling disconnected and starting again. I know (tried and tested) how the regular practice can transform your life.


If you ask me why we set on the path and then get off it... there should be more straightforward answer, but there is not. It is our life, our journey, our choices. Our learning curve. Our karma. Our growth.

The everyday life is constantly challenging us.

Modern life is testing us.

The choices we make are not always mind, body, spirit nurturing choices. We make the wrong decisions, and that involves relationships, work, food, activities, etc.

And... we need all of that in order to learn and climb higher on the spiritual lather.

What is the most difficult thing? Shedding off the Ego.


Yoga is a great therapy tool and can strengthen you on many levels. It helps you stay allert and mindful, present in your body, live in the now, make good choices.

Because finding yourself and seeing the purpose in your life is much easier when you are balanced... and it is yoga, mindfulness and meditation which brings you balance. Always.



I am and I will forever be just a passionate student seaking, searching and learning.


And all what I know I will share and do my best to support you on your path. x

'Health is the greatest gift.'   Buddha

I also studied and worked with the whole spectrum of complementary therapies ranging from more physical like Indian Head Massage, Art Therapy (hands, mind and soul in action) to more energy orientated like Quantum Touch, Healing Guided Meditation, Angelic Reiki and Theta Healing.


There is something deep and universal in each healing modality - it is The God, The Universe, The Power, the power of our mind...

I truly believe in our innate ability, strength and willpower to heal ourselves if we decide to do so! To heal our mind, our soul, our body. The perfect mind body connection is everything we need.


Healing can start on the physical level through the right nutrition (superfoods, raw food), exercise, clean living (avoiding chemicals), energy/mind level (meditations, mindfulness, positive thinking, affirmations, visualisations) or even on the spiritual level (following your soul's purpose, resolving karmic isssues, finding your path etc.)

Wherever you are I hope you are thriving and feeling your best! And if not, drop me a line and perhaps I could help you see all from a bit different perspective.



We all have to do our own research (through the trial and error; I did mine exactly the same way and I am still learning). Everyone is unique and we are trully the souls having human experinces and not the other way round. Things, people, information comes to us in the time we need it. Synchronicity.

It is not always easy to live and thrive in modern society, with all the stresses, tempting unhealthy foods and information overload but there are many tools and resources to help us on the path to balanced living. Look around and pick. If something doesn't work, move on.

If you are in the perfect state of balance no need to change anything. If not, it is time to go inwards, reflect and then make some profound changes to realign yourself.


Yoga life nurtures mind, body, spirit and when everything is in balance that means only one thing - the ultimate well-being.


I wish you reaching the health and happiness in this life!

I am here to support you if you feel like you need a kick or a gentle redirecting push!


Hope to see you on the mat in the studio or in a virtual yoga class!

Hurray for Zoom in Covid-19 times!


Love and light


                          Marci x




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