York, North Yorkshire

Yoga in York Classes in detail

Yoga at Tanghall * Monday evening


Tang Hall Community Centre, Fifth Avenue, York, YO31 0UG


Monday: DYNAMIC FLOW  7pm - 8.15pm    

* Strong and fluid Vinyasa class (breath synchronised movement)

Expect: Building internal heat, strength, flexibility;

Sun salutations and creative sequencing, pranayama and guided relaxation




Trial: Free complimentary class

Drop-in: £8 per class


Yoga at Yogabomb * Tuesday evening


Yogabomb studio, 6 Bootham Terrace, York, YO30 7DH


Tuesday: HOT BEGINNERS  6.00pm - 7.00pm

*Vinyasa and Hatha styled class - static and dynamic poses suitable for those new to Hot Yoga, guided relaxation at the end

Class suitable for the yoga or hot yoga beginners (any mobility limitations, injuries etc. discuss with me before the class and alterations for you will be provided, don't feel pressured to carry on and feel free to stop at any point in childs pose and rejoin again. Bring a towel, mat, drink and get rid of all the tension, stresses and worries when sweating the toxins out in the heated studio!


Tuesday: BEYOND BEGINNERS 7.15pm - 8.15pm 

*Vinyasa styled class - flowing movements swapped with static asanas/stretches, guided relaxation at the end.

Class is suitable for a physically active beginner


Tuesday: HOT POWER FLOW  8.30pm - 9.30pm

* Vinyasa styled class, flows and static asanas finished with guided relaxation

Expect: deep stretches, strength building, static and dynamic poses, each week something else in focus (hips, core, arms, back themed class...)



Taster session: £5

Drop-in: £10 per class

5 sessions a month £35

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Yoga at Fitness Space * Thursday and Friday evening


Fitness Space, Unit 2, 43 Layethorpe, York, YO31 7UZ



Thursday: HOT YOGA  6.45 - 7.45pm

* Gain more flexibility in the static asanas in the heated up studio and work on the strength and coordination when flowing through dynamic asanas, breathing deeply, centering and relaxing in savasana at the end





Friday: YOGA FLOW  6.30 - 7.30pm

* Vinyasa and hatha yoga style to bring you more flexibility and strength, calm and balance, finished by guided relaxation in savasana