York, North Yorkshire

An individual approach to your yoga practice.


1:1 yoga is for people who want to practise yoga in their own space and time, who want a personalised yoga session or maybe don't like big groups.



The private lesson is challenging you to continually evolve and deepen your practice with a gentle guidance and will set you off on a regular yoga path.

Yoga is a way of life and as such it needs time to make space in yours.



You choose what is important to you and I support you to achieve your goals:

* Toning for summer holidays, wedding?

* Finding peace and relaxation, easing out stress?

* Entering the yoga philosophy or progressing much further in the physical asanas than the general yoga classes offer?



Whether your focus is on yoga asanas, kriyas, pranayama or meditation, I am happy to tailor for you a specific practice (your very unique routine for any time of the day) and you can enter the yoga world through your own door.



One to one 1hr yoga session £35 (block of 4 private classes £100 through January)

Small groups (2-4 people)  £35 per hour




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