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Welcome to my blog...


I am sharing my raw thoughts and humble experiences to light your way or challenge your thinking.


I am far from being enlightened and

I know nothing compared to the wisdom that is out there in every breath and in every flower.


I have to write down my thoughts to make it all organised in my head and sometimes I surprise myself with unexpected insights.

I don't know what I think until I write it down.


Either accept all as an inspiration or disregard me as a new age seeker.


If you find something useful to enhance your day leave me a comment.


And join me for yoga if you can!




By Marci, Dec 23 2017 12:02AM

Mind, body, spirit related posts.

Raw food recipes

Natural DIY cosmetics

Mindfulness in real life

Spirituality and astral body experiences, energie, aura, chakras

Empathy and troubles with being tuned into everything and everyone

Meditation teachniques which worked and didn't work for me

How to balance yoga life with overwhelming modern life in general...

Stayed tuned.

Love and peace

Marci x

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